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Post  Mr Nik [ Owner ] on Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:06 pm

These are just some General Rules:

1. No Prop Killing, Climbing, Pushing, Minging.
2. No RDM'ing.(Random DeathMatching) Which means randomly killing people without a reason.
3. Obey the NLR(New Life Rule) Which means don't go back to where you died for 4 minutes.
4. Before raiding you must advertise Raid. Example : /advert RAID!
5. You have to wait 5 minutes before raiding the same place.
6. You may not raid someone while they're building, unless they have printers.
7. No killing people with your car (CDM'ing)
8. Don't leave random props and such about the place. :3
9. Do not complain if a admin punishes you for a good reason and you know it.
10. You must obey these rules and listen to admins(unless it's unfair then you can report them)
11. Racism and/or discrimination can face up to perma-ban. That means DON'T DO IT!
12. Do not disrespect any players WHAT SO EVER! ( This includes regular users )
13. Respect FearRP. If you are getting mugged go along with it.

Admin Rules:
1. Do not abuse your powers, we have full rights to demote you at any time.
2. Do Not use Noclip and/or teleport for non-admin related situations/issues.
3. Do not give yourself weapons/drugs.
4. If you are reported and we have proof we can demote/punish you. Or give a warning.
5. Do not give other players weapons/noclip.
6. Do not randomly bring players, mute, gag etc.
7. REMEMBER We have Full Rights to demote you.
8. If there are 6 or under players you may not go Super Admin ( Admin on Duty).
9. No OOC spamming or Mic Spamming.

Jobs Rules:
1. Do your jobs, Mayors don't sell flowers and gundealers don't sell microwaves.
2. You can't just switch to a certain jobs to buy that stuff, then change back.
3. As a Dealer of some sort(except Black Marker) you must make a shop.
4. If you're going to roleplay please do it right.
5. Please don't abuse the job. Example:Master Thief spawns with M4. Don't abuse that.
6. Hobos cannot own buildings, or "bases". Do real hobos have that?......
7. If you're Mayor no racist laws, or discrimination.

Other stuff:
1. Do not spam shipments,microwaves or gun labs. Or anything really.
2. NO E2's! They are very annoying and I ( Mr Nik ) hate them.
3. Reminder, this is a DarkRP not BuildRP. You may build, though, just roleplay too. .

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